The enormous potentials of micro, small and medium enterprises to economic transformation of any nation cannot be over emphasized. To lift the fortunes of MSMEs beyond its present comatose situation, the Nigeria Association of Small and Medium Entrepreneur and owners of small businesses across all sectors of the economy, to join the association and be part of this united body addressing critical issues affecting the development of MSMEs in Nigeria.We are creating business opportunities as well as providing solutions to individual member’s challenges to ensure the success of every business venture in Nigeria.

Membership benefits to public institutions and large corporate organizations

  1. NASME provide  a reliable platform for commercialization of research finding
  2. Large membership spread of  NASME is an incredible opportunity to raise market share and increase clientele
  3. An authentic SME data bank can aid product development and investment decisions.
  4. Large pool of NASME members provide veritable platform to test the viability of new products.
  5. NASME can serve as a credible source of information on MSME’s member credit history to aid decision.

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