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We promote Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the private sector and agencies of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Creating Business Opportunity

Providing solution to Businesses in Nigeria


The Nigerian Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (NASME) was registered in 1996 as a Business Membership Organization (BMO),  to co-ordinate and foster the promotion of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Nigeria.


To be the voice of Nigerian Entrepreneurs advocating for conducive business operating environment while partnering with MSME promoters to ensure the emergency of large pool of viable and technologically empowered MSMEs.


To promote the empowerment of Nigeria’s MSMEs as a means of achieving sustainable employment generation, economic growth and development in the country.


Properly coo-ordinate MSME activities by interfacing with investors(local and foreign) and adopting strategic approach to issues bothering on the development and well being of MSMEs, in Nigeria.

Membership benefits to public institutions

NASME bridges the interaction gap between research/academic institutes and SME practitioners with a view to encouraging frequent share of knowledge, technology and practical experience etc.
NASME advocated for policies and programmes that enhance the operational efficiency of government agencies and parastals associated with MSME development. Read more


Accelerating the growth of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

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